Monday morning breakfast.

>> Monday, May 23, 2005

Right, because I'm so important, everyone needs to know all the little details of my life! Like what I had for breakfast this morning...for example. (Oh, and no need to call CNN and NBC, they already sent their reporters to get the full update...)

So this morning for breakfast I had: "everything" bagel, toasted with cream cheese and smoked salmon (lox, as we say here in NYC). Oh, yes, and a small coffee with cream and sugar.

You're right, nothing extra ordinary but what you don't know is that I get my breakfast at this disfunctional place, where the short angry asian owner is constantly yelling at his employees who do not speak english (well, neither does he). They're constantly messing up (probably because he is yelling at them). Well this morning they messed up big time! I ordered a bagel with LOX CREAM CHEESE and instead I got a bagel with cream cheese and SMOKED SALMON. Now any New Yorker knows that this is a costly mistake (for them, since I was charged for what I ordered not what they gave me).

1.Bagel with lox spread - about $2.00
2.Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon - about $7.00

little angry man should really stop yelling at his poor little employees... it upsets ME!

Thus, I can say this morning was a success!

*note to self: no more bagels for breakfast, probably too much carbs?
*drink fruit smothies instead.... or is that too much sugar??
*PS: have pictures from my wonderful weekend with RELAX, will post later!


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