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>> Sunday, May 1, 2005

After leaving 5 Ninth, we decided to grab a little drink on the rooftop of Hotel Gansevoort, which is right across the street. We also suggested going there to a lovely couple from Holland that were sitting right next to us. I suspect they didn't make a reservation and the only way were able to dine there was compliments from WallStr and Dulce who cancelled out that night (our original reservation was for 4 people). I felt very benevolent because of it, feeling like their fairy godmother, therefore I suggested they also should go for a drink on "the rooftop".

Don't remember the exact details but before going up to roof we met this Australian boy sitting on a bench reading a book. Such a cute guy! and knows how to read too!!! As I'm sure you've figured it out by now but I just love foreign guys. I like their open and friendly style. I'm really not crazy about the Australian accent but I liked it when HE was talking! It was actually a bit tapered down. We chatted for about 15 minutes or so and turns out he actually is more than a cute face. He is an appreciator of Breitling watches, which means he likes to participate in activities that require getting wet and wild, like scuba and jetskiing. (What did you think?) But even though his contact information is on hand, I don't think I will call him. I'm just old fashioned in that way I guess. (Or maybe I should forget it and act in the ways of Primavera?)
Ahh.... OK, enough drooling... We rushed off to continue partying on the roof top.

The roof top of Gansevoort Hotel-now add a couple of hundred people

It's very pretty up there and the crowd is always very enthusiastic and very international. These happy people provide a very drink encouraging atmosphere. HOWEVER the drink prices may have a very opposite effect. A little bellini will cost you $17!!! But than again, this bar is about the view not the drinks. You supposed to drink in the atmosphere, and looking down from the balcony may in fact give you a head rush, so really you don't need drinks to have fun up there. Just for the record Eye Candy and I DID have drinks last night, but I've been there a few times just to come up and take in the view before going on to your next place of partying.

We chatted up with some German guys there. I got a chance to display my German speaking skills, which consist of saying: "Ich trinke ein grosse Bier", meaning "I drink a big beer".

After that, we were off to our next location! We went to the Bubble Bar. (Sorry, I couldn't find any pictures of it on the internet maybe its not called exactly Bubble bar, but what else would you call a place that has bubbles hanging from the ceiling on the walls and at the downstairs lounge has a pool of water filled with mounds of clear plastic bubbles!) Eye Candy and I went to the upstairs bar where you get in bed and only than will the waiter come by to serve you drinks. Hmm... that's an interesting way to get one into bed! I had a passionfruit martini and Eye Candy got a grapefruit one. They were very delicious, just like we looked sprawled in the great white bed I'm sure!!

Our lounging was however cut short by call from Eye Candy's friends which were waiting downstairs in a car. They wanted dancing and we didn't end up going to PM that night (which is my favorite place to go out actually). There are at least 5 good places there to go dancing, but by the time we were trying to decide we found ourself racing towards uptown. Oh well, not a problem, lots to do there as well. We finally screeched to a stop around 50th street parked and walked over to Au Bar. Its a good place to dance and there are always plenty of exotic men to dance with.


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