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>> Saturday, May 7, 2005

Well first of all, I'll do a week in review for you all, just so that you can rest assured you did not miss anything fun since Monday. Here we go. I worked a whole bunch of hours. The rest of the time was equally split among: sleeping, eating and twiddling my thumbs. It was very exciting and breathtaking. I just wish and hope I will be so lucky to have another such a marvelous week. (Oh, boy, somehow I have a feeling next week will be my lucky week, and the NEXT and the NEXT and the NEXT.... AND THE NEEEEEEXT.) Ok, I will stop now because this is really not what the story is about.

On Thursday I went out after work. My friend convinced me to come out for a little happy hour. Him and I actually knew each other in High School, and I know my mind took quite a while to locate the memory of that fact. Anyway he is a nice kid and now we bump into each other pretty often. Of course the first thing that I wanted to know after remembering him was whether or not he had any "hot friends". He tried to explain to me that HE was HOT, but quickly realized that if he wanted to lure me out he needed more bait. So right then and there he got on the phone and invited a few of his friends out (so I can have my pick!). I felt like I was picking out a new sweater in a store! "No, that wool one with stripes... or wait... rather the one with the v-neck... " Hey, girls just want to have fun! Right?

So Thursday night one of his friends from work came out and one of his childhood friends. I was actually pretty impressed with how nice and smart they were, since I went through H.S. completely convinced that everyone there was a complete IDIOT. (Exept for WallStr- who went to H.S. with me- and who is reading this blog...)

Back to the Happy Hour, my friend, Mikey, invited a friend from work, a good looking older gentleman, Stefano, who was also rather charming. (Oh, by older I mean like 35ish.) Mikey's childhood friend, Fernando, was our age and was completely my type looks wise. Tall, and a BIG dude, with the sexiest smile ever. I have a thing for guys with some meat on them, but mind you while he definitely was beefy, he was also in shape.

Now, I PROMISE, the purpose of going out was so NOT to hook up but when you're single the thought crosses your mind naturally when you see such a gorgeous hunk of a guy. It's so funny that WallStr happened to mention the subject in post about her Thursday. And wait its about get even more similar...

Mikey also invited his "flavor of the week" girl, a tiny, skinny, 22 year old, Angelica. Very nice and sweet girl... but with a bit of... a bite you can tell right away. Anyway we were all just laughing and talking and really having a grand ol' time! Then the music started and dancing started. Salsa. I'm not Latin, but I love the dancing! Same thing with Mikey, and he is a very good dancer actually!

Now I will spare you all the details and summarize:

  • I notice a ring on Fernando's finger. He is married! Not that it was a secret, or that he was doing anything improper. Its just that he was cute, and he was MARRIED!!! Please, tell me since when did this become an issue!!!????? Since when do we have to start worry about guys our age being MARRIED!?!??? That is just ridiculous!!!!!
  • Stefano, was totally having this "sentiment" for Angelica. Her being a nice, sweet girl, who was also from the same country as him. Him teaching her to Salsa... eventhough Mikey was the one who invited her.
  • Mikey who kept winking at me hoping that I would change my mind and start thinking that he really is HOT.
  • Me dancing with Fernando and thinking that he IS hot and that I need leave because the fact that he is married just made me lose interest completely in this entire excursion!
  • Fernando talking to Mikey afterwards saying that he'd like to go out on Friday by he'd have to check with his wifey and make sure she'll make plans with her friends so he'll be free to make plans with his. (And according to Mikey this arrangement prevails almost every weekend.)
  • Me thinking that if I was married, I would handcuff my guy to the radiator on the evenings that I was not be able to go out.
  • Angelica wanting to find herself another boy which made her turn and crane her little neck all evening long.
  • And Stefano... giving up early and retiring... I mean retiring to his house.

The night ended with Mikey dropping me off at my house around 11pm and me regretting that I missed my evening run. Once again, SINCE WHEN did guys my age started getting MARRIED!???!!!! Was I on vacation? Was I taking a nap?? What the heck!?


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