My cough syrup

>> Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm kinda sick. Congestion and all that yacky stuff...
So I'm taking this cough syrup I found at my parents house...
Its this natural, homeopathic syrup from NatraBio. The reason I'm taking it is because I DO NOT want to be drowsy as happens when I take sudafed and such. (Yes even if I take DAY version, I still become sleepy.)

The only thing is that I've been walking in a cloud for the past 3 days since I started drinking it. And when I drink cough syrup, I really DRINK. I walk around with it taking swags right from the bottle (every 4 hours). I've just been so dazed... hey! maybe that explains my last post... This thing is wild! Makes me see things....!

So I decided to look at the contents, I couldn't believe that this all natural stuff can be making me hallucinate like this... Here are my findings:

Ingredients: Active; Mentha piperita (Peppermint) - Hahaha, it made me laugh! next time I'm trying to order a cup of peppermint tea, I'll say: "One tall Mentha piperita please"

Mentholum (Menthol) - ok, I could see the derivation...

Thymus vulgaris (Garden Thyme) - NOW THAT IS HOT!!! I'm drinking vulgar thyme!!! I love it, its my favorite so far.

Bryonia Alba (White Bryony) - what...??!

Drosera rotundifolia (Sundew) - AHAH!! that sounds like it has the potential to make me drowsy... "DROSERA" hmmm -

Bla... bla... blaaaa.... more crap that I have no idea what it is.... (but ALL natural)

Belladonna (Nightshade) - what the heck is this, sounds funny, "Belladonna" means beautiful woman in italian...


it said.... POISON!!!


and the website kindly provides further synonyms just to drive the concept home:

Synonyms---Belladonna. Devil's Cherries. Naughty Man's Cherries. Divale. Black Cherry. Devil's Herb.


waaaaww--- NO WONDER the FDA left a little disclaimer "drink at your own risk"

oh, no.... I HAVE been felling numbness in extremities... especially the head (that's an extremity right?)

I have experienced loss of voice.... (if your read the link it says loss of voice happens as part of first stages of poisoning...)

dialated piupils... YES!!

oh my goodness..... and I thought Sudafed was evil....

seriously you guys, I'm about to start walking towards the poison control center....

In fact I'm on my way now....

(I'll be back later to report... if you don't hear from me for a day or so, don't worry, cause after all hierba mala nunca muere -weeds never die- ) --- ((I'm a weed))



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