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Of course the moment we moved I called Cadiz, and as planned she set up her studio in one of the many rooms. I gave her the far East wing because all the ruckus that would come from there, especially at night was keeping everyone up. Here is a view from her studio.

View from Cadiz's studio in the East wing

What followed were the happiest 5 years EVER!!! Gio was as devoted as ever, my friends came to stay all the time. Wall str, on her first visit fell in love with one of the stable boys and since moved to Italy and quit her very high profile job on Wall Street. She become the wife of Giaccomo the stable boy. He wasn't actually italian either, he was from Ukraine as turned out, but hey, he was a great lay from what I heard (yes I heard, we all heard! Even Cadiz stopped her rocketry to listen a sec). Anyway what I'm saying is that everyone was happy! I couldn't get Dulce to come visit, well with 4 kids and all, I understand it was hard. But Philipo is a good husband so no need to be tempting her with the Italian men.

La mamma cooked spaghetti for everyone! It was GREAT!! Gio continued traveling ofcourse. I still didn't know what his job was precisely, except for that he was an art dealer. Even Chiara and I became friends... She told me how in love she used to be with Gio, but that she though I was a good choice for him. She had a fiance herself now, but he lived in Milan so they saw each other rarely. In fact, when Gio would go up to Milan for work, and would give Chiara a ride. Yes, I was still jealous, in fact I was always jealous for some reason, but I was in love with Gio, and I knew I must trust him since I would not be able to control him.

For our 6th year anniversary we decided to go to Thailand. We stayed at one of those very exclusive private bungalows on the water. I remember thinking that I am so in love that it may be a crime. Plus isn't it vulgar to be THIS in love with your OWN husband after the initial 3 years of marriage?? Ah, yes, its was incredible, I felt as I would do anything for him.

One evening we went out to the little beach town nearby to eat in a restaurant among other couples in love, from France, Russia, Argentina... There were candles everywhere and little lights flickered as did the stars in the sky. The food was delicious, sticky and sweet. We had many drinks... I thought that if I died that night I would be content with my life. I even asked Gio if he wanted children. He smiled, and was pensive for a moment turning to look at the dark ocean to his right. I followed his gaze and could only hear the waves as they completely blended with the dark sky. A few couples were walking on the beach holding hands. Than I saw something that nearly made me faint. There was Chiara. Standing on the beach looking towards the waves holding sandals in her hands. She slowly turned and began walking away, her long black hair moving with the night breeze.

"Chiara! CHIARA!!!" I screamed standing up.
"What are you talking about, Amore?, lets go back to the bungalow, we've had a lot to drink."
Tears were running down my face. It was Chiara. Even though I have not seen her face, and most of the local women here had long black hair... I knew that SHE was Chiara.

Later that year many events took place. It almost seemed like the world flipped upside down. Wall Str broke up with Giaccomo because apparently Cadiz was sneaking around with him. I don't know but she did have a painting of him (in the NUDE) standing in the corner of her studio. Wall str was pretty heart broken about it. One night when I was trying to console her, we drank way too many limoncellos and she drunk dialed her ex. He promised to be on the next flight to Italy... I guess he would have to make up a business trip to tell his wife about. Cadiz, with the scandal and all had to move to Spain. Where she bought a gorgeous sea view apartment and where she entertains many of her gorgeous nude male models. Her paintings are known everywhere in the world and there are legends about her love conquests. (You go girl!)

Dulce got a huge contract with Bergdorf Goodman for her fabulous designs. She began traveling a lot to Miami for fashion shows. She hired a governess for her 4 children. On one of her trips there she bumped into an old love of hers. Someone she was completely in love with once. Actually it was not an accident as she later confessed. They had been having a secret affair for the past few years. It was him that convinced her to go after Bergdorf Goodman. Although I don't understand what she sees in him now... he used to be very good looking, but now he is bold and fat!

Chiara got married and moved to Milan. Immediately after we heard news of her being pregnant. "Why aren't we having children Gio?" I asked him. "We will soon, we are trying aren't we?" he answered as sweetly as ever.

A few more years pass... Gio's business trips to Milan become more and more frequent. We still don't have children. Chiara however has 3 now. Two boys and the youngest a girl. Her name is Giovanna. She has black hair and green eyes. She is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. How have I seen her you ask? Well, Chiara started coming to the town, bringing her three children along. Her husband never comes, since he is very busy working. In fact, no one in town has EVER seen him. Not even her mother. I wouldn't blame Chiara though for not introducing her husband to her mother. She is a strange, strange lady. She doesn't say much, and maybe its my imagination but as long as I can remember she has been giving me the durties of looks. Evil looks, as she was trying to curse me. That witch.

So pass another 25 years. Gio and I never did have children, but I have gotten attached to Chiara's kids that have all chosen to leave Milan and come to live in our little town. Also, Chiara has gotten ill and wanted to spend her last years in her home town. One night as she was visiting me, we sat on the veranda of the villa, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said:
"When I die, promise me you'll look after the children."
"I promise, you know I will, they will live in this big house with Gio and I" - I told her.
She smiled. Later that year, she died.

The funeral was horrible. Everyone was terribly sad. The children cried. Gio had tears streaming down his cheeks. Chiara's mother, who was now almost 90 years old had to be taken away when she started screaming: "Whore! You whore!!!" It wasn't clear if she was screaming this at the grave, or her wondering left eye was purposely looking at me. Well, the crazy old lady could not have been talking to me... I've been with my husband and him only, for the past 35 years. Witch.

As promised to Chiara, the three children came to live with us. They would never talk about their father. Except for the middle boy Marco, who told us that his mother confessed that he was the product of a crazy love affair with a certain stable boy Giaccomo...


Poor Wall str I thought... Poor Cadiz! Because it was with her that he ran off to Spain... Poor Marco... it must have been hard not having his real dad around. Poor Chiara! Something must have pushed her to cheat on her husband... and yes, poor husband of hers... somewhere in Milan wherever he was... not knowing that one of his three children is really not his own. Or maybe he did know... now...

The following year, Gio left me...

He moved to Milan. We never bothered getting an official divorce. What for? It was not a huge shock to me. I guess when you're almost sixty and have seen so much happen in life, nothing is a shock anymore. I love Gio, I trust him. If he needs to be away from me, than there is a reason for it. I may not know what it is, but I trust him.

Its ok, I would have the three children staying with me. I would see them get married, maybe have children. They promised never to leave the little town. And so I lived for the rest of days in the villa with Chiara's children.

Well there you have it. I don't know about you, but this glimpse into the future was giving me bad vibes...hmm, not sure why... but it just was... So, I'm glad I didn't start bulshitting with Gio, or whoever he was, on Friday in the subway.

Don't you agree...?


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