Seista feira!!

>> Friday, May 20, 2005

Hello my beautiful people!!!

Yes today is Friday and its a good thing.
I love how the Brazilians call it Seista feira (the sixth day) haha! Why I wonder? Is it because they get to completely party their brains out that remembering an actual WORD would just be too much trouble?? NICE! That's the way!

For me personally its a great day all around.

First of all, I tend to get much more business done at work on Fridays. (Thursday and Friday in my opinion are the best days to get contracts signed!) See, Mondays are the best days to have client meetings since they're DREADING doing their actual work and seeing you would actually give them a good excuse to waste a few hours. Tuesday, the customers actually DO their work... so don't talk to them. Wednesday afternoon they begin to feel like they have accomplished something so its a perfect time to call and inform them that they DID in fact meet with you that Monday and give them a 10 second summary of what actually went on (because for sure they were spacing out). Come Thursday afternoon (the pre happy hour jitters) and Friday (the pre weekend feel good) are the ultimate great times when they've already started to goof off with THEIR work, so doing business with you makes them feel like they're still actually doing something, when of course in reality they're thinking about slamming a cold one.

Secondly, Thirdly, fourthly and Fifthly... Friday is a great day because, its SEISTA FEIRA!!!

'nuf said!


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